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Guy Levy and Associates

The Law Office of Guy Levy and Associates has been practicing law in California for over ten years. They have extensive experience in litigating every type of personal injury case and have won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for their clients, including several exceeding $1 million dollars. Our firm represents consumers exclusively and does not represent any corporations, insurance carriers or employers. With this philosophy and practice, we are able to provide quality, effective and efficient legal representation to our clients.

Recent Verdicts & Settlements

M.K. Family v. Cummings $3,859,000.00

Estrada; Reyes v. Garcia; Espinoza $2,800,000.00

Reynoso; Martinez v. Aeschliman $1,245,000.00

Ziramba v. Trident Technologies, Inc.; Ottinger $1,000,000.00

Ramirez v. Center for Employment $850,000.00

Briscoe v. Loewy Enterprises, et al. $700,000.00

Confidential Plaintiff v. DOE Department Store $700,000.00

Harrigan v. Doe Corporation $625,000.00

Michelle v. Doe $550,000.00

Acheta v. De La Cruz ; Susan’s Transport, Inc $450,000.00

Drennan v. Boneck, et. al $400,000.00

Corey v. Health Link Transportation Corp. $350,000.00

Crowley v. City of San Diego $325,000.00

Elizabeth Smith v. Doe Defendant $300,000.00

Hoyland; Spencer v. FRG Transport $300,000.00

Luquis-Ortiz, v. Venegas $300,000.00

Confidential Plaintiff v. DOE Bar & Grill $275,000.00

Flores v. Aguilar $250,000.00

Wright v. Lance, et. al $250,000.00

Duenas v. Southwest Feed $185,000.00

Fitzpatrick v. Thurston Co., Inc $150,000.00

Irene M. v. Doe Department Store $150,000.00

Hahn v. Kato; Sony $125,000.00

Vasanadu v. PUS $125,000.00

Vecerra v. Vezaikov; Shahid $117,500.00

Lapointe v. Anderson $102,724.00

Lacanilao v. Valenzuela, $100,000.00

Orozco v. Berberyan; Hovhanuisyan $100,000.00

Flores v. Russel $100,000.00

Zepeda v. Stewart $100,000.00

Martinez v. Feucht $100,000.00

Lasof v. Eisen $100,000.00

West v. Smith $100,000.00

Medina v. Garrett $100,000.00

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