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Popular beverage causes serious personal injury

California residents may be among the millions of Americans that like to kick back and relax, sometimes with an adult beverage. Though alcohol is usually considered safe when consumed responsibly by people of legal drinking age, a recent beer purchase caused one consumer to suffer serious personal injury. The injury was not caused by consumption of the product, but rather the bottle it came in. 

The trouble for popular beer brand Corona began when a California man purchased a package of bottled beer at his local retailer. After taking his cold brews home, he may have been looking forward to enjoying one, but he never got the chance. One of the bottles, still in the package, exploded, sending pieces of glass flying into the man's skin. 

End of daylight savings time can mean drowsy drivers and crashes

It is coming up to that time of year again when most of the country will be adjusting their clocks as daylight savings time comes to an end. One good thing about adjusting our clocks this time of year means we will “fall back,” meaning we can enjoy and extra hour of sleep on the first Sunday in November. However, there has been a drawback to all this clock adjusting, an increase in car accidents

Auto accidents: A new viral trend?

For many California residents, it is not unusual to open one's social media feed and see live videos of friends and family, or perhaps a favorite celebrity, as they try new things, share a humorous situation, or partake in the latest "viral challenge." People look forward to watching the people they follow live daily life in real time. While tuning in to such an event can be a funny or heart-warming experience, lately some posters have begun to "go live" after frightening situations, like auto accidents. 

Recently, a California mother, eight months pregnant, was driving her minivan when tragedy struck. A popular up-and-coming boxer swerved into her lane and struck the vehicle. Police suspect he was under the influence at the time of the crash. 

New changes to workers' compensation laws

Many California workers may not be aware that several new laws have been signed to protect them. If  employees are unaware of their rights, they may not know that they are now eligible for workers' compensation under expanded circumstances. Previously, police officers and firefighters that were injured while off duty but still performing duties related to their day job could not make a claim for workers' compensation. 

The new California laws have changed this policy. The changes were proposed after a tragedy last year. During a terrible mass shooting in Las Vegas, off-duty California Police officers were injured trying to help their counterparts from another state. 

E-scooters already causing serious personal injury

California residents may now be familiar with a new form of transportation sweeping the nation. Especially in urban areas, e-scooters are quickly becoming a popular new way to get from place to place. Recently, the state passed laws allowing riders to operate e-scooters without using a helmet, despite the risk of personal injury.  This has resulted in California becoming the first state to report an e-scooters fatality. 

E-scooters are small and compact, and many can be folded to conveniently carry on a train or bus. The use of such a scooter can eliminate the need for a car, as people can now zip from place to place on the scooter, which often puts the operator in close proximity to vehicle traffic. Though the companies that rent and sell the scooters say they recommend the use of helmets and provide a safety video before a rider can use one for the first time, the law allowing riders to forgo the helmet is dangerous. 

Cellphone use while driving not just a young driver problem

There are many assumptions individuals might make when it comes to distracted driving. One is that using a cellphone while driving is something mainly young drivers do. A recent study points to this assumption being quite a bit off.

The study, which was by Harris poll and for Volvo, involved a survey of adults. The survey was done in early June. Among the things the respondents were asked was whether they use their cellphone while they are driving.

What makes a slip and fall a personal injury case?

As you go about your week, you may experience more than one occasion where you slip and fall, especially if you are naturally clumsy. Sometimes you brush it off and get back up, but sometimes this can lead to something more serious.

There are times when it may be legally sound to press charges against a business or property owner when you slip and fall on their land. But, when and how do you know if your slip and fall constitutes a personal injury lawsuit?

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